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Some things to know before visiting Zambia

Here's information on the basic requirements for entering Zambia, as well as links to more information.

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Visa requirements change very regularly and we therefore recommend that you contact your nearest Zambian Embassy/High Commission for the most recent information in good time prior to your departure.

Entry Requirements: All visitors must ensure the following to enter Zambia

  • They are carrying a valid passport
  • Date of expiry should be at least 6 months after exitingZambia
  • Be able to produce evidence of outgoing travel
  • Be able to produce evidence of sufficient funds for their stay inZambia

Visas may be obtained from a Zambian embassy/high commission abroad, from the Immigration office in Lusaka or, with a few exceptions, upon arrival at a Zambian port of entry (i.e. Airport or Border Post)


The rainy season extends from December to April. Rural roads may become impassable during this period. You should follow regional weather forecasts and plan accordingly.


Petty crimes such as pickpocketing, purse snatchings, and vehicle break-ins are common, particularly in and around bus and railway stations, nightclubs, some shopping areas in Lusaka, the Copperbelt towns, other main cities and tourist centres. Ensure personal belongings and travel documents are secure at all times.

Health & Vaccinations

A yellow fever certificate is mandatory if you are travelling from an infected area. Malaria is virulent in the low lying areas of the country which include most of the good wildlife destinations. Doctors advise taking prophylactics two weeks before arrival and continuing two weeks after leaving. Your chemist or doctor can advise you of the most suitable drug available as certain drugs lose their effectiveness.

Tap water in the major towns is purified and perfectly safe to drink. In the more remote areas always boil it first, except if you’re staying at a lodge or hotel where drinking water is boiled already. Bottled water is readily available in the bigger towns.


The currency is the Zambian kwacha (ZMK). Canadian currency and traveller's cheques are not accepted anywhere in Zambia. You should carry cash in U.S. dollars, U.K. pounds, or South African rand. Major credit cards are accepted in larger supermarkets, restaurants, stores and hotels in large urban centres only.


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