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Some things to know before visiting Rwanda

Here's information on the basic requirements for entering Rwanda, as well as links to more information.

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Entry/Exit Requirements

Whoever is interested in traveling into Rwanda, you should have a valid passport or any other internationally acceptable travel documents, that, in theory, include a visa equivalent to his or her intent behind entering into this country acquired ahead of time from the closest embassy of Rwanda abroad.

A Visa is needed by all visitors traveling into Rwanda excluding nationals of South Africa, the United States of America, Uganda, Canada, Democratic Republic of Congo, United Kingdom, Mauritius, Germany, Burundi, Sweden, Tanzania, Hong Kong as well as Kenya.

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Whereas you can go anytime of the year to explore Rwanda, the dry season which begins in mid-May to the middle of October is a better time to get round. If you have plans of visiting the famous mountain gorillas of Rwanda then this is the ideal time to go.

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Medical Facilities

Healthcare in Rwanda was historically of poor quality, but in recent decades has seen great improvement. Rwanda operates a universal health care system, and is considered to have one of the highest-quality health systems in Africa. Medical care deteriorates the further away you get from the main centre of Kigali. King Faisal Hospital is considered to be the best in Kigali.

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Laws and illegal activities

You are subject to the local laws of Rwanda, including ones that appear harsh by Western standards. Research laws before travelling, especially for an extended stay. Penalties for the possession, use or trafficking of illegal drugs are severe and convicted offenders can expect lengthy prison sentences and heavy fines. Homosexual activity may lead to harassment by the public and/or police. Photographing government buildings is prohibited. Plastic bags are prohibited in Rwanda. You may be fined and the plastic bags confiscated on entry at the international airport and in public places.

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